Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Son

I'm delighted to announce the birth of my son Alfie Francis John

Born On : Thursday March 10th 2011
At: 3.35pm
Weight: 8lbs 12oz (3.98kg)
Length: 22 inches

Labour was 57.5hrs from the very first signs - but the active phase was a slightly less traumatising 21.5hrs. Due to various complications, Alfie wasn't born at home as planned and instead was born by c-section, a decision I made after a prolonged second stage of labour. His dad was there by my side and even cut the cord completing Alfies journey into the world.

We spent 2 days in hospital and had lots of very excited visitors, returning home yesterday late afternoon. The Other Half and I are absolutely delighted with our beautiful son, who is every bit a clone of his father - even their birth stories are almost identical!

I will blog the full birth story in the near future once I've got my head together. I've had about 8 hours sleep since waking up at 6am on tuesday morning and still need to piece together events properly as there are stages which are a little blurry due to the silly amount of drugs I was given.

I'm feeling great though, despite it only being 3 days since I had major surgery, and am really enjoying having my little man here. The best thing is watching his movements and kicks when he's sleeping as I recognise them from when he was in my womb - I can almost feel them still when I see him do it. It really amazing that he came from me. He's just perfect.

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