Wednesday, 5 January 2011

... and a new one just begun

2011. The year I become a mother and my life changes forever... and I'm SO EXCITED!!
New year was pretty quiet for us. We spent the evening in together as I couldn't really go out anywhere and He wasn't particularly in the mood, so we cooked dinner and watched the telly together. I actually got a bit grumpy and went to bed early coz my back and hips were hurting so much and I couldn't get a grip on my heartburn at all. I'm definitely at the stage of pregnancy where getting comfortable at any time of the day is really very difficult. My favourite thing at the moment is the way my whole pelvis cracks when I move in any way which involves my bum.

Bump is getting even bigger, more so than it was last week....

I love it though :) At the weekend I'll be 32 weeks pregnant and it will be my 24th birthday, which I'm not al that fussed about to be honest. I'm just counting down to 37 weeks because then we'll be allowed to have our home birth, so just 5 and a bit weeks to go. I saw the midwife on tuesday and we've made an appointment for her to do a home visit at 34 weeks so we can talk through my birth plan, and she can assess that the house is ok and suss out what we've got and what we will need. Once I've had the all clear from that appointment that a home birth is going to be ok for us, I'll order my birth pool :-) VERY EXCITED, it's all getting a bit real now, but I'm not scared, or worried I'm just looking forward to the experience of labour and meeting my baby :)

He is in Nice with the boys from work this week. I'm missing him but I'm loving having the house to myself so I can clean and do nesting baby things without him getting freaked out by it. I'm not distracted by his mess so I can concentrate on doing my uni work -I've done so much this week and I've had time to write my proper birth plan too. I'll post it up one day, so anyone else who wants to have a natural birth can use it to guide their own. I've also been reading 'Childbirth without fear' by Grantly Dick-Read which is just wonderful, even though it was written in the 1940's. I wish it had made more of an impact on medicine and midwifery when it was published because it really sets the tone for everything that natural birth holds to be important. Every pregnant woman should be given a copy at her first appointment with the midwife as its just wonderful and would really open peoples eyes to what birth can and should be like - I'm sure many of my future blogs will have quotes and paragraphs from it!

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