Saturday, 19 February 2011

Nesting Nesting

The past few days I have been EXHAUSTED. I've had really broken sleep, made worse by Him coming to bed late at night and snuffling his way through the night coz of a cold, and the fact that the bed is so squeaky any tiny movement makes a right noise. I have trouble sleeping anyway because I can't comfy, I have to lie on my side and after a while it starts to hurt whatever hip I'm lying on due to the extra weight of the baby so I have to wake up and carefully roll over, which usually takes about 5 minutes! Nightmare. I try and lie-in as much as I can in the mornings, but normally have to get up about 6.30-7ish to feed the cat as ignoring him results in frantic meowing and often my toes being bitten. Most days I nap for about 3-4 hours in the afternoon, as well as falling asleep on the sofa watching telly in the evenings.

However, today I am full of energy and most definitely nesting. Mum and Steve came round this morning to take the old washing machine to the tip - our neighbours are kindly giving us their old one tomorrow so it'l be great to have one that works again! Mum also took away an old chest of drawers and lots of crap thats been cluttering up the place which has meant that I can move lots of things round and do some major tidying. To be honest, I've wanted to do it for weeks, but I've not been able to as I've needed the big bits of clutter to be taken away, and for Him to give me approval on which bits of his I can move - he's very protective of his stuff. We've got cupboards full of boxes of his things thats he's hoarded for ages and I have no idea whats in them, I'm fairly certain he doesn't know whats in them either but he can't possibly clear them out to make space for baby things or at east go through them and reduce the volume - it's very frustrating for someone like me who likes to know what everything is and where it is and give everything a proper place - as long as clutter isn't visible to me or anyone else, I'm less bothered about it, but I do still wake up in the night wishing I could just throw it all away.

Anyway, I've moved the clothes rail out of the bedroom into the spare room so we've now got a space to put the babys crib. Once we decide baby can be in its own room, we'll bring the clothes rail back in the bedroom and make the spare room a study/nursery but for the time being, it makes sense to have baby stuff in our room, where it will be most of the time, and use the spare room as my study still, but as an overflow room for everything else. I have my dressing table in there and now all our clothes are in there too along with a nice rocking chair I can use for feeding and getting the baby to sleep and a toy box, which is already full of things given to us by friends whose kids have grown out of them.

I've sorted the chest of drawers in the bedroom so its got everything the baby will need - clothes, blankets, changing stuff, and theres lots of overflow nappies and wipes in the bedroom store cupboard. Downstairs is a changing box complete with mat so we can do nappies downstairs easily without having to get bits from the bedroom, and I've tidied all the shelves and cupboards so we can find things easily (I've even alphabetised the cd's, dvd and books). Swept, hoovered, mopped, bleached and scrubbed anything that can possibly be cleaned and I've got a whole pile of stuff for the craft business ready to go down to our office so it's not cluttering up my house coz to be honest, I'm unlikely to be doing any for a few months so I don't want it here. The only thing to do now is move the kitchen table back once the new washer is installed tomorrow and then get rid of the stupid old massive tv thats taking up half my kitchen. It technically belongs to our neighbour with whom we used to live but his house is too small for it and there nowhere else he can put it. I've given him another week to try and find a home for it and if not, it's getting left out for the scrap men to take because I don't want it here. The only place we can put it means that it blocks the passage way from the front room to the kitchen, and I know that when I'm in labour, I'll be walking around a lot between there and it'll drive me mad having the dam thing in the way. I can barely fit past it as it is. Even thinking about it makes me cross and I need to stay relaxed! I feel much better now that lots of things in the house are clean and tidy and things are ready for baby. The fact I've been nesting so much today means things could start happening quite soon - or not. It could still be a few weeks, but my original due date (based on periods etc) is this tuesday so it could be any day. I certainly hope it is!!

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